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Welcome Indian customers to visit Yucai Chemical and sign contracts on the spot.


      On January 24th, 2024, accompanied by Hao Shixu, general manager of yucai chemical, and the Foreign Trade Commissioner, Indian customers visited Yucai Chemical R&D Center, production plant and finished product storage scale, and felt very recognized and admired for the company's good production environment, orderly operation process, strict quality control and serious work style.




During the visit, the company's foreign trade specialist gave the customer a detailed product introduction and answered the customer's questions professionally. After just two hours of discussion and exchange, the customer canceled the work trip for the next two days and decided to sign four more containers.



      After signing the contract, we invited Indian customers to visit our famous Henan merchant culture "Kang Million Manor" in Gongyi. After the tour guide explained the glorious family history of Kang Million Manor, which lasted for more than 400 years for thirteen generations, the customers gave their thumbs up and praised it again and again! And definitely said: "Yucai Chemical has been in business for 39 years since it was established in 1985, and it will be a century-old enterprise in the future!" Praised by customers, we know that "Henan merchant culture" needs us to inherit it and strive for a century-old enterprise!



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