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On the way, Yucai Chemical participated in the Shanghai 2023 Metal World Expo.


From November 29th, 2023 to December 1st, 2023, yucai chemical Sales Elite participated in the 2023 Metal World Expo held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.





   At this exhibition, the sales elites of Yucai Chemical have made clear the future development direction, upgraded their professional technology and learned about the domestic and international market environment by communicating with customers. At the same time, at this exhibition, they showed Yucai Chemical's strength and product quality influence, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, explored more potential customers and laid a good foundation for opening up the market.


      Now, in the future, Yucai Chemical will provide professional and effective solutions for the industry with a more mature and professional attitude. Provide better products to serve customers, treat people with integrity, and the future can be expected.


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